Bob Duckman

Bob Duckman

Bob Duckman

About Bob Duckman

Bob Duckman has been in radio for nearly 50 years and has hosted the midday show on WNAV since 2004.

He started right out of college at College Park at WINX in Rockville, a favorite rock and roll station in the area. From there it was 15 years at WASH-FM, then about 10 years at EXTRA -104, and later WWDC.

"I love to play oldies," he said. "I've been at it so long many of the songs I play now I played when they were new."

He says he's stuck in the '60s. Motown hits are among his favorite.

He noted how the industry has changed, from spinning 45s to cueing up songs on albums, various tape technologies including reel-to-reel, to today's computer-driven studios.

"I get together with old friends and we laugh at all the changes we've seen," he said.

Other than missing the deeper sound of a vinyl recording he doesn't lament the changes.

Computer-driven broadcasting allows him to do his daily show from his home in Florida, where he spends several weeks a year.

"I do it all from here and email it in," he said.