Western Maryland Corrections Officer Faces Sentencing

(Western Maryland)  WNAV — An officer in the Maryland Corrections system is facing time behind bars after he entered a guilty plea to racketeering and drug charges. Officials say 43-year-old Maurice Bull of  Seaford Delaware, was accepting bribes to smuggle contraband inside prison walls. Officer Bull worked at the medium-security mens’ center at the Eastern Correctional Institute in Western Maryland.

In recorded phone calls, he was given instructions on how to pick up money in exchange for his delivery of drugs to inmates;  including heroin, suboxone, and tobacco.

Over $5,000 of suspected bribe money was contained in a white envelope and was confiscated.

Bull is facing a maximum sentence of five years in connection with the racketeering and a possible maximum of 20 years for possession with intent to distribute, controlled-dangerous substances. His sentencing is in February.

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