Two More Shootings in Annapolis lead to increased police patrols

Two more shootings occurred in Annapolis Friday evening, just hours after Annapolis Police Chief Edward Jackson announced the arrests of two men for the murder of Cornell Young, a 23-year-old man from Baltimore.

One of the shootings happened in the 1300 Block of Tyler Avenue around 4:45 pm while the other occurred in the 1000 Block of President Avenue. A victim suffering from gunshot wounds was found at each shooting and they were both taken to local hospitals. It is not yet known if the two shootings are related.

Annapolis Police announced that in response to these recent incidents, there will be more officers patrolling the city.

The area around Pleasant Street has seen increased police presence since Young was killed there. Young had been shot and killed in a parking lot along Pleasant Street back on October 14th. Police believe that the parking lot Young was killed in is also the same parking lot that a man shot from when a stray bullet he fired struck and killed Michelle Cummings, the mother of an incoming Midshipmen freshman.

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