Town Hall to discuss opioid epidemic to be held on December 21st

City of AnnapolisAnnapolis officials are opening up the microphone to local residents on the topic of drug use and abuse, which may lead to an overdose death from opioids.  Robin Rickard is the executive director of the OOCC for the state.

She says that every community has its own story about combatting and dealing with the opioid epidemic. “The purpose of the town halls is to just hear from the community and how the opioid crisis has affected everyone,” said Rickard. “To find out what is working, what is not working because each jurisdiction is different.”

The City of Annapolis has had 126 overdoses with 15 fatalities, a number that is down when compared to 2020.

The town hall-style meeting will be held at the Pip Moyer Recreation Center on Tuesday, December 21st.

It is an evening gathering from 5 until 7 p.m.  The recreation center is on Hilltop Lane.

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