Rehabilitated with A Fresh Start and a Clean Slate

(Annapolis, MD)  WNAV —  Ten graduates will celebrate with family and friends (with masks on) after completing their DRUG COURT Program.  They are former substance abuse users who will be on their own going forward, having fulfilled the requirements of a rehabilitation program, rather than time behind bars.  First comes the cause for their enrollment with an appearance before a judge.  District Judge Thomas Pryal tells WNAV their substance abuse issue may have stolen their life potential. It may have been alcohol and/or arrests for Driving Under the Influence, or it could be theft, related to drug use, that brings them to court. In the DRUG COURT program; after a complete and successful rehabilitation, an assigned case manager is available to help graduates put their lives back in order.  Counseling and other resources are available to see that the client continues to re-build a productive life, without

Judge Gavel on Desk
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illegal substance use and abuse.

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