Queen Anne’s Dr. Joseph Ciotola Concerned About Paucity of Healthcare in County

Annapolis, MD (October 13, 2021) Dr. Joseph Ciotola, the health officer for Queen Anne’s County told council members that he’s very concerned about “the paucity” of healthcare providers in the county. Last night he reviewed U-S Census Bureau Data that finds that 1 primary care physician cares for about 2,790 residents. It’ for dentists, where there’s a 2,800 to 1 ratio of patients to doctors. The doctor also says that the Census provides an “undercount” of Hispanic and black residents in the county.
Screengrab of Dr. Joseph Ciotola at Queen Anne
Dr. Joseph Ciotola, the Queen Anne’s County Health Officer told county councilmembers last night that the county has a paucity of healthcare providers.

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