Partisan Divide Featured in the Anne Arundel Community College Community Survey Fall ’21

Logo of Anne Arundel Community College(Annapolis, MD)–WNAV– The Anne Arundel County Community College Fall Survey 2021 results are in.  A total of 489 residents answered the online poll during one week in October. The margin of error is 4%.

Head of survey efforts, professor Dr. Dan Nataf. He says that there’s frustration by conservatives/Republicans that the government is interfering with too many decisions when it comes to dealing with Covid19 and with efforts to reboot the economy in the midst of the pandemic, and liberals/Democrats, who think that not enough is being done to help minority businesses and those who are still out of work.

Most surveyed do not hold the opinion that the COVID-19 situation is “getting better,” with a drop to 49%  for those who agree things are improving. In the spring, that number was 70% for those who believe that the virus spread and our response is getting better. A majority of respondents say it may take two years or,  more to get past the pandemic and all its implications.

Returning public school students to in-school classes:  Poll results indicate an equal divide between those responding, with some saying they would have preferred more options such as a hybrid or online.

Opioid use and affordable housing are still at a high level of concern for residents. 60% of those responding say they would agree that marijuana for recreational use should be legal.

Top politicians:

Republican Governor Larry Hogan continues to enjoy a high approval rating this fall, up to 76 %. In spring, the number was 70% for job approval.

Democrat County Executive Steuart Pittman dropped four points to 45 from 49%, however, the margin of error for this survey is four percentage points.

More information may be found here about the Fall 2021 Survey.

More information about previous surveys may be found here.

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