Maryland expected to receive at least $6 billion from newly approved infrastructure bill

Maryland is expected to receive as much as $6 billion from the roughly $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that was approved by the US House of Representatives Friday evening.

That money includes over $250 million in funding over five years for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Chesapeake Bay program and language that would allow Baltimore’s proposed Red Line Light Rail system to be revisited, six years after it was first rejected by Governor Larry Hogan.

There were several other Maryland-specific details in the bill, including the state receiving an estimated $1.4 billion in federal highway aid, with another $400 million being given to repair and replace bridges as Maryland has over 270 bridges in poor condition, according to a federal assessment. And a minimum of $100 million will be given to improve3 broadband coverage across the state.

The American Society of Civil Engineers gave Maryland’s infrastructure a C rating back in 2020, barely better than the C minus given to the entire country.

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