Gov. Hogan Fights Asian Hate Crimes with New Measures

(Annapolis, MD) WNAV — Gov. Larry Hogan announced initiatives to combat hate crimes against Asian Americans and those of Pacific Island heritage on Monday, Nov.15. Reported Incidents of Asian hate have been higher since the onset of the pandemic, which is believed to have originated in China. Hogan said one measure will enhance law enforcement procedures for hate crimes and racially biased incidents by updating hate and bias training for officers. Maryland will also invest in translation service availability for police and will designate a state police commander to specialize in handling incidents fueled by bias and hate.


Maryland’s Governor is joined at the statehouse by members of the Asian American hate crimes workgroup, including former U.S. Attorney for Maryland Robert Hurr and Hogan’s adopted daughter Jaymi Sterling, who is also an Anne Arundel County prosecutor. Hurr said cell phone videos have been capturing unprecedented attacks on Asian American victims, who are often elderly.


“Talking about these challenges and bringing them out in the open is so important,” Sterling said. “We want the victims of these crimes to know we see you, we hear you, we’re here, and we’re standing with you.”


Maryland’s dial 211 system will now accept calls reporting acts of violence against Asian Americans.

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