Dole Issues Salad Recall

(Annapolis, MD) FDA — The Dole Fresh Vegetables company is recalling some salad products in Maryland and nine other mostly southern states after a random sample produces a positive result for listeria monocytogenes, which can be fatal for those with weaker immune systems.

This was a voluntary recall and the only four products that carry the risk of foodborne illness are Dole Garden Salad, Marketside Garden Salad, Kroger Brand Garden Salad, and Salad Classics Garden Salad. All potentially compromised salads will have a best if used by date of Oct. 25.

The FDA advises consumers to check their products for this date as well as the following Lot and UPC codes:

24 oz Dole Garden Salad
N28205A and N28205B 0-71430-01136-2 10-25-21
24 oz Marketside™ Classic Salad N28205A and N28205B 6-81131-32895-1 10-25-21
12 oz Kroger™ Brand Garden Salad N28211A and N28211B 0-11110-91036-3 10-25-21
12 oz Salad Classics™ Garden Salad N28211A and N28211B 6-88267-18443-7 10-25-21
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