Anne Arundel County Police Shoot Knife Wielding Murder Suspect

(Glen Burnie) — WNAV–The serenity of a holiday weekend Sunday was busted apart for a family that lives in an apartment complex in Braden Loop in Glen Burnie. Police say that they got a phone call from a woman who said she and a child had been chased out of their home by a male family member with a knife. The caller also said that she saw blood in the home and that an elderly woman would not be found. Police arrived on the scene and repeatedly knocked on the door of that apartment, announcing who they are. Lt. Jacklin Davis, the spokeswoman for the Anne Arundel County Police, says that officers then entered the apartment, where they were met by the knife-wielding man.  Officers repeatedly asked him to drop his edged weapons. He did not comply.  They hit him with impact ammunition, bean bags, fired from a rifle, and that had no effect on the suspect.  Officers then repeatedly tased the man. Davis says that had no effect on the man.  Davis says the man then raised his knife at an officer, who then fired his service weapon. County fire and rescue pronounced the suspect dead at the scene.

Officers then searched the apartment and found the missing woman in a mudroom/laundry room type of closet.

Many questions remain about whether the man who was killed by police, was related to the woman who was found dead in the mudroom area.  Local police have been asked by the State’s Attorney General’s office, which is now investigating this police shooting, to only talk about the facts of the case, and not about any details of an investigation. Maryland lawmakers passed legislation that required the AG’s office to investigate these incidents as part of police reform procedures.


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