Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman Pleased Volke Ordinance Fails to Pass in Council

Annapolis, MD (WNAV) — Anne Arundel County Executive Stueart Pittman says he was disappointed by one vote by the County Council, and grateful for another one. Mr. Pittman says he was pleased that Republican councilmember Nathan Volke’s ordinance, Bill 81-21 was defeated on a 3-4 vote.

Mr. Volke, via email explains, :I proposed 3 amendments – 2 to address concerns raised by the Board of Education and Office of Law that the Bill was legislating beliefs and not action and 1 to remove the reference to critical race theory in the Whereas clause based on public testimony and feedback. All 3 amendments were defeated by the Council 3-4.”

Mr. Volke adds that he’s not surprised, “Not surprising. His Administration and staff completely opposed the Bill and all 3 amendments. They did not want it amended or passed. The CE stated publicly at City Dock last month that he expected the Bill to be defeated 4-3.”

The County Executive says that Anne Arundel County should support spending money on the racist and prejudicial practices of the past.
But, Mr. Volke says that teachers and others would still be free to teach what they want. He just didn’t want county-taxpayer dollars to be used to support racist and prejudicial practices. He says he changed language and the way he expressed his sentiment at the request of his colleagues. But, still the votes didn’t fall his way.

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