Anne Arundel County Council to Consider Controversial Anti-Discrimination Ordinance of Nathan Volke

Annapolis, MD (WNAV) The Anne Arundel County Council is to consider at its meeting today an ordinance proposed by Third District Councilmember Nathan Volke. Volke says he fixed the language of the legislation removing the words Critical Race Theory. He and his colleagues agree that it’s hard to find one solid definition as to what is Critical Race Theory. Civil Rights leaders think Volke is trying to codify in county law what the definition of discrimination is.
Rita asks about reparations and Mr. Volke says that his legislation in no way would affect any federal mandate for reparations. Federal law always trumps local legislation. And, he doesn’t want anybody to get confused about the intent of his proposed ordinance.

Listen to News Director Rita Rich’s complete interview with Councilmember Volke here.

Counclmember Nathan Volke, District 3, Anne Arundel County
From the County councilmembers page at aacounty.orgYou can find more information about legislationthat Mr. Volkje is introducing later today h

More info on the legisltion here.

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