Annapolis First Ward Rep Doesn’t Know of Any Legislation To Make Recovery Zones Permanent

(Cape May, NJ) –WNAV– Annapolis’ First Ward Alderwoman Elly Tierney says her constituents are reaching out to her worried that the 2020 recovery zone parklets will become permanent when the city council convenes after the New Year in January.  Ms. Tierney says that she doesn’t know of any proposed legislation that would make these outdoor seating areas permissible beyond the 30-day state of Emergency, that Mayor Buckley declared last night. The mayor did tell members of the city council that he was concerned that some of the city’s restaurants would go out of business because they are too small for social distancing, and don’t have the parking lots to accommodate customers outdoor during the Covid19 uptick.

Tierney says last year restaurants throughout the city had to apply for recovery zone permits with the city and the emergency declaration ensure that the application process would be free from establishments that are vulnerable due to the surge of covid19 diagnoses and hospitalizations.

The alderwoman thinks the press release by the Mayor’s office meant to say that the council, at its next meeting in January would continue to discuss keeping outdoor, cafe-styled dining options available to restaurateurs beyond the 30 days of the state of emergency, and extend the state of emergency as those options were popular with patrons.


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